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How Can Health Systems Help in Eliminating Health Disparities?

As our health systems continue to shift to value-based care, it has become paramount that providing quality care to not just some, but ALL we serve is essential. Therefore, focusing on the health disparities that exist is important since a lack of health equity continues to be a significant factor contributing to poor health in many communities. If… Read More »

Let’s Focus on the Problems Instead of a “Sound Bite Solution.”

As the election nears, the conversation concerning “Medicare for All” is being deeply debated. In a country that historically loathes government interventions into our lives, this is quite a significant shift. What is leading to many feeling single-payer is the way to go? If we step back and review many of the issues, we have in healthcare today;… Read More »

The Continued Financial Burden of Home Care

We can’t discuss the challenges in healthcare without considering the aging population who will be moving to home care settings more and more in the coming years. Shifting the focus to home care and the value it brings, it is necessary to remember that the patient and their families absorb a portion of these costs. And the financial… Read More »

Maybe the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is on to Something?

Mandatory vaccinations highlight the polarity on the debate between the rights of individual choice versus the betterment of the community. On one side of the discussion is the desire to promote personal choice. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, proponents against mandatory vaccination programs point out the possible risk of vaccinations as a reason for an opt-in model.… Read More »

Is Functional Medicine a New Trend or the Start of Something Big?

Recently, I read with piqued interest, an article concerning Parsley Health, and its foray into the market, promising a medical model that is much more holistic, with payment accomplished through a monthly subscription. Neither concept is new, but they are a progression from our present healthcare delivery. Often referred to as Functional Medicine it involves incorporating a concept… Read More »

Will Technology Ever Improve Healthcare?

In most industries, technology has been credited with driving innovations and improving the productivity and quality of products and services we utilize every day. Unfortunately, Healthcare has not experienced this same occurrence. There are numerous cutting-edge technologies occurring in healthcare, but one must question if the value of care has progressed? Has technology provided a marked increase in… Read More »

The root of the healthcare problem is the individual vs. society

Achieving lackluster results, the United States indisputably spends an exorbitant proportion of our Gross Domestic Product on Healthcare. There are two sides to that equation: either we should be receiving better results for what we pay, or we should pay less for the results that are rendered. No matter what you believe, a conversation is warranted on why… Read More »