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Executive Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer

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Personal Responsibilities and Healthcare Coverage

There is a conversation occurring concerning the ability of states to administer specific personal responsibility requirements on Medicaid beneficiaries to receive coverage benefits. This discussion is relevant as it relates to the Medicaid Work Requirements that states are currently proposing. A seemingly simple notion on the surface; recipients must meet specific requirements as a condition of their coverage,… Read More »

Are There Alternatives to Physician Practice Consolidation?

The need for physicians to have focus on not only the delivery of care but also the ever-increasing complexity of running a practice has led to the consolidation of physician practices and increased employment of physicians. Recent legislative changes, including the Quality Payment Program and the drive towards value-based payment models, compound the reasons for the slow demise… Read More »

Do we spend too much on healthcare?

We all are aware that our level of spending of healthcare in the United States in greater than any comparable country without a corresponding improvement in results.  Either as individual payers or being participants within our present tax system, including tax relief of employer-sponsored health insurance, collectively we are responsible for the cost of our healthcare. A recent… Read More »

Good communication skills are increasingly important

As we continue to focus on shared decision making within the context of value-based care, one of the primary goals is the prevention of over treatment through better communication. To improve our conversations, we must first unearth any underlying components that impact both the patient and the provider. Disease uncertainty and management choices can evoke strong psychological reactions… Read More »