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Trust is Essential for the Physician-Patient Relationship

The majority of literature on trust between physicians and patients focuses on patients believing what their physicians are telling them. Traditionally, the physician has played the role of the single source of information and the patient the receiver without their own level of knowledge. However, with the advancement of technology and research being something searchable at the patient’s… Read More »

How do people determine the quality of physicians?

Understanding precisely how individuals consume and translate clinical quality information is imperative as we continue to focus on delivering value to those we serve. Now a very data-driven industry, our focus centers on the reliability and accuracy of the data itself. However, this is only half the problem. The method in which we share this information followed by… Read More »

What Data Should We Give Our Patients?

In healthcare,  we continue to increase our focus on preventing illness and disease. With prevention, we also must balance the polarity of whether the preventive treatment outweighs the risks involved. For instance, the association of vaccine usage with possible long-term impacts prevails in the minds of numerous people still, even though the research has staunchly supported their benefit… Read More »

Good communication skills are increasingly important

As we continue to focus on shared decision making within the context of value-based care, one of the primary goals is the prevention of over treatment through better communication. To improve our conversations, we must first unearth any underlying components that impact both the patient and the provider. Disease uncertainty and management choices can evoke strong psychological reactions… Read More »

Shared decision making requires focusing on outcomes, not procedures

As we continue to discuss areas of healthcare savings, we need to focus on the lack of patient education, specifically how to have different discussions between patients and their physicians. Presently, we are asking our providers to share information with their patients, thereby allowing for informed, shared decision making. But is the information complete and delivered in a… Read More »

Who is responsible for the outcome in shared decision making?

Recently, there has been an increased focus on measures that not only drive towards better health outcomes, but also greater patient/person engagement. Within this realm, shared decision making has received enormous interest. Acting in the best interest of those we serve, physicians and providers must engage in conversations concerning shared goals and objectives. However, as we proceed to… Read More »