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Are Student Loans Driving Up the Cost of Healthcare?

Undoubtedly, interest was piqued by the recent announcement that all medical students at New York University will receive 100% tuition assistance. Although currently, numerous colleges are working to prevent students from acquiring a debt load, that idea, until recently, has yet to come to fruition for medical school. Moreover, there have been conversations concerning the value of the… Read More »

Balancing directions as a leader

Leaders grapple with problems every day. Our particular ecosystem is complex and complicated. Understanding the dynamics of the questions themselves and tradeoffs that must transpire is critical for thoughtful decisions and for framing the conversations that must occur. Human nature gravitates towards simplification and it is our responsibility to constantly elevate the conversation to a level that better… Read More »

Should I write my eulogy now?

No, I do not believe I am dying soon. However, I am approaching the point in my life and career where I am considering how I want to be remembered, what I have accomplished, and what type a person I am. Having interviewed numerous people in my life, I constantly seek to learn what makes them tick, what… Read More »

It’s not a marathon

Physicians need to spend time on personal recovery It never fails that I am always learning from those around me. I recently spent time with my son, and during our conversation he made the statement “stress makes you stronger.” As we all try to minimize our stress, at first glance, his comment could seem like someone who is… Read More »

When things get tough, trust more

We live in an ever-changing healthcare environment. No matter where you look, or what you hear, there is ambiguity and difficult situations. When things get tough, we have a tendency to become anxious, and this anxiety leads to behavior and thought processes that we need to name and hopefully keep in check. One such behavior is that of… Read More »