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Podcast: Pros and Cons of Consolidation in Healthcare

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Health:Further to discuss the future of healthcare for practicing physicians, including the pros and cons of consolidation in healthcare and a transition back to a more individualized care model. Managing the polarity of physician quality of life vs. autonomy, the question of rural care access, and the wider… Read More »

Physicians must move forward and embrace machine learning

Historically, medicine has used an apprentice model for educating doctors. Meaning, physicians are trained via learning from textbooks and then sent to work as interns and residents to hone their skills and practice their craft. Yet knowledge evolves and new data is constantly being published. To stay current, physicians must undertake an active role in their education even… Read More »

What does the physician of tomorrow look like?

There has been continued debate concerning the topic of physician shortages. Just like any discussion, there are numbers to use that support both sides. Pure supply and demand economics does not support the idea of a shortage, and as technology in healthcare matures, this new technology will drive down the supply needs. In a value-based model, innovation will… Read More »