Hiring the right people is critical, so look for the 7 Cs

By | March 20, 2018
hiring interview

As leaders, hiring the right talent is a critical component of the job. Being human, our emotions have the potential to override our rational intellect. Frequently, we gravitate to hiring those that are similar or compatible with our thought processes. Being able to communicate effectively with a new hire personally is vastly important. However, we must not allow this preference to override other essential characteristics that create an efficient team.

When considering the traits required for an exceptional hire, implementing the 7 Cs is helpful. Remembering and outlining the job functions are crucial to making sure we do not misalign the hire with our desired outcome.

  1. Centered: Is the candidate’s core centered and aligned with the mission and values of the organization? For personal fulfillment and organizational success, congruency with a common goal is paramount.
  2. Community: To varying degrees, regardless of the position or function, we are required to work with others. Therefore, having the ability to work within a new community is a desirable trait.
  3. Capability: Does the applicant have the capability to perform the stated functions? If required to learn an unfamiliar skillset, does the person have the aptitude to handle the new learning? I might have demonstrated favorable outcomes in my last job, but if I am now required to speak a new language, is the ability to acquire the language skills present?
  4. Click: Will the hire click with others in the organization? Undoubtedly disagreements will occur, but being able to manage those is a critical trait. Compatibility becomes increasingly crucial as stress escalates.
  5. Character: Having a strong moral character is central to success. In the work environment, we learn from each other. Elevating character strength of an organization only stems from the persona of the individuals.
  6. Consistency: People gravitate and are influenced by others when they are not always trying to “guess” on what emotion to expect. Being even keeled when needed is a required skill. There are definitely times when emotion and enthusiasm are required, but not knowing what behavioral response will happen is undesirable.
  7. Creativity: Regardless of the position, creativity while simultaneously being adaptable and flexible are vital skills in improving the work’s functionality. Even if it is just to prevent boredom from creeping in on the job, we must avoid equating creativity with strategy and innovation. Many functions are repetitive and do not require a strategic component. However, creativity is needed for self-fulfillment. We can imagine a job we have done in our past when being creative within the task allowed us to be productive.

All of us had a first job. None of us have made a perfect hire every time. Merely guideposts, the 7 Cs are aides in thinking about the process of selecting people with whom we will interact and share our desired successes and failures. Make it count!