How Can Academic Medical Centers Flourish without Impacting Overall Healthcare Costs?

Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) are essential to our healthcare environment. Undeniably, they are responsible for the vast majority of medical education as well as research. Additionally, AMCs also provide quaternary services and have a disproportionate share of uncompensated care. Unfortunately, their revenue sources do not align with their missions or values. The majority of their funding derives from… Read More »

Let’s Focus on the Problems Instead of a “Sound Bite Solution.”

As the election nears, the conversation concerning “Medicare for All” is being deeply debated. In a country that historically loathes government interventions into our lives, this is quite a significant shift. What is leading to many feeling single-payer is the way to go? If we step back and review many of the issues, we have in healthcare today;… Read More »

Is “the Person” the Missing Component in Medical Education?

If one delves back in history, the fundamental component of medical education is focused on holistic care, meaning, caring for those we serve within the context of body, mind, and spirit. In more recent times, the focus has moved to diagnosing and treating the physiologic condition. However, studies have shown a person’s environment, behavior and lifestyle have a… Read More »

Family Caregivers Need Us Too!

Last week I shared my perspective on Home Health and the future for those who care for our homebound patients in my post, Supporting the Healthcare Workforce of the Future. Today I share my thoughts on supporting the family caregiver. When a patient returns home, who tends to them? Decidedly, they might have home health for a while,… Read More »

Supporting the Healthcare Workforce of the future

If we plan to evolve our care models to focus on embracing those we serve remaining in their environments of their choice, care givers will need to contain different skill sets than those that provide hospital-based care.  Knowing this, with the current landscape, our ability as providers and health systems is unfortunately, more complacent than we should be… Read More »

The Continued Financial Burden of Home Care

We can’t discuss the challenges in healthcare without considering the aging population who will be moving to home care settings more and more in the coming years. Shifting the focus to home care and the value it brings, it is necessary to remember that the patient and their families absorb a portion of these costs. And the financial… Read More »

How Do We Keep Up with Innovative Technology?

Frequently, as healthcare providers, our focus is primarily on the issues concerning healthcare; however, there are several additional areas worth examining. For instance, with technology evolving, it is imperative that our ability to treat those we serve keeps pace. As physicians, we have the opportunity to practice differently almost every day. New techniques, state-of-the-art treatment modalities, and cutting-edge… Read More »

Recent NY Times Op Ed Has Me Thinking About Exploitation in Healthcare

Last week my post, In Healthcare, Who Protects Us from Misinformation,  I discussed the use of “sensationalism” to garner attention. I also mentioned as healthcare providers it is part of our role to join the conversation to ensure balanced and truthful information is shared. Recently an Op Ed appeared in the New York Times with a catchy title;… Read More »

In Healthcare, Who Protects Us from Misinformation?

Without a doubt, the internet is a wondrous tool. It provides access to an unbelievable array of information to a much broader audience with an incredibly positive impact. One could argue my own sons are so much more informed than I was at their age because of the amount of information they can access right at their fingertips… Read More »

Can the Price of a Drug Be Considered Unjust?

As we continue to struggle with the rising cost of healthcare and the financial impact it has on people, it is imperative that one addresses the justness involved in pricing. Since I am framing this conversation within a social context, I am making an assumption that healthcare at certain levels is a right and not just a privilege.… Read More »