Physicians must move forward and embrace machine learning

Historically, medicine has used an apprentice model for educating doctors. Meaning, physicians are trained via learning from textbooks and then sent to work as interns and residents to hone their skills and practice their craft. Yet knowledge evolves and new data is constantly being published. To stay current, physicians must undertake an active role in their education even… Read More »

Concierge medicine is excellent for some, deleterious for others

As more physicians embrace concierge medicine, expansion of this service is inevitable. Giving them the ability to focus additional time and directed energy on their patients while also being financially more feasible and operationally easier to administer encourages an inviting transition to this model. Though one could say that their main reason is noble, I am not sure… Read More »

Determining the physician role within team-based care

As we move to value-based healthcare, the composition of the team is a key component to a successful transition. Numerous discussions have occurred over what these teams encompass, the certifications awarded, and the definition of the physician’s role within these teams. However, this latter component is an area that requires further examination. Defining team leadership with the physician… Read More »

The root of the healthcare problem is the individual vs. society

Achieving lackluster results, the United States indisputably spends an exorbitant proportion of our Gross Domestic Product on Healthcare. There are two sides to that equation: either we should be receiving better results for what we pay, or we should pay less for the results that are rendered. No matter what you believe, a conversation is warranted on why… Read More »

Isolation contributes to physician burnout

A great deal has been discussed concerning physician burn out. Various reasons have been provided such as less time with patients, more paperwork, litigation, difficulty in getting paid, and so forth. Previously, I discussed the implications of the definition of “what is success” as a potential issue when it comes to job satisfaction. Yet, another reason is the… Read More »

Who is the ultimate risk bearer in healthcare?

As we move to a value-based model in healthcare, it is imperative we contemplate the dilemma of who is the ultimate risk bearer. At the conclusion of the day, that entity should be the one receiving the financial value of our efforts. Presently, the holder of the financial obligation for paying for services is not the recipient of… Read More »

Value-based pricing requires more definition

Historically, the pricing of medicine has not been defined by the value it brings. On the provider side, whether the provider is a facility such as a hospital, or a person such as a doctor, payment is based on delivering a service regardless of the outcome of that service. Unless there is a guarantee, we pay for various… Read More »

Should I write my eulogy now?

No, I do not believe I am dying soon. However, I am approaching the point in my life and career where I am considering how I want to be remembered, what I have accomplished, and what type a person I am. Having interviewed numerous people in my life, I constantly seek to learn what makes them tick, what… Read More »

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are not the cause of inferior notes

Recent discussions within the industry have placed blame on EHRs for repetitive or ineffectual notes. Some say the reason is the required documentation that must be completed in order to justify reimbursement. We also have seen the proliferation of information in the EHR that has very little impact on the reason for the visit. EHRs do not cause… Read More »

Care value is not based on license

Recently, I have been reading publications regarding the “debate” over what type of patients should be seen by which licensed professional. Frequently this discussion revolves around the usage of Nurse Practitioners, or Physician Assistants versus Physicians. Well discussed arguments for both are abundant. Neither side of the conversation, however, truly has anything to do with the license one… Read More »