Is U.S. Healthcare Really Worse than Healthcare in Other Countries?

Frequently, we hear the blanket statement that what the United States pays for its healthcare on a per capita basis is much higher than other countries while our outcomes are significantly worse. Making this statement, however, requires us to define what the desired results of our system and its efficiency actually are. Efficiency describes the relation of inputs… Read More »

What Drive’s Physician Clinical Variability?

We continue to enhance our delivery of value by increasing quality and lowering costs and our focus is shifting to the clinical appropriateness and consequently, the clinical variability amongst physicians. Clinical variability can be defined as the difference in spending on patients that have similar health characteristics treated by different physicians. As we begin to compare the different… Read More »

Whose Customer am I?

In healthcare we continually strive to deliver value-based care, and yet where we are falling short is maturing our relationships with the consumer. The healthcare ecosystem, containing numerous players, is currently driving towards a more customer-centric model. Presently, there are multiple stakeholders in this endeavor, including health systems, physicians, payers, consumer-based companies such as Amazon and Google, conveners… Read More »

How Should We Approach End-of-life Care?

I was recently asked by Gist Healthcare to weigh-in on end-of-life care and how we as a society should approach it and what needs to change. You can read the full interview conducted with Gist Healthcare writer Chas Roades here. But today, I am going to summarize some of my thoughts on why Advance Care Planning needs to… Read More »

Understanding Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is an ongoing discussion in healthcare. Characterized by emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, burnout is a syndrome, accompanied by a feeling of reduced personal accomplishment, loss of work fulfillment, and reduced effectiveness. Since physicians are so integral to the healthcare system, the effects of their fatigue have a global impact often leading to potential losses in productivity,… Read More »

Evidence-based Medicine Delivers Value

Improving the value of healthcare to those we serve requires us to examine not only the quality delivered but also the associated cost. Since quality and cost are interdependent and occasionally at odds with each other, managing the dynamic between the two is essential. Utilizing and practicing evidence-based medicine delivers proven enhanced quality outcomes. Thus, many experts believe… Read More »

The Behaviors or “Flaws” of a Leader

I recently read the works of Marshall Goldsmith, an executive coach and best-selling author and the following really impacted my thinking on the behaviors of a leader. I wanted to share. Thank you Marshall! “Behavior flaws are not flaws of skill. Nor are they flaws in intelligence. Nor are they flaws of unchangeable personality.” (Goldsmith, 2007) What we… Read More »

Is Functional Medicine a New Trend or the Start of Something Big?

Recently, I read with piqued interest, an article concerning Parsley Health, and its foray into the market, promising a medical model that is much more holistic, with payment accomplished through a monthly subscription. Neither concept is new, but they are a progression from our present healthcare delivery. Often referred to as Functional Medicine it involves incorporating a concept… Read More »

Are Student Loans Driving Up the Cost of Healthcare?

Undoubtedly, interest was piqued by the recent announcement that all medical students at New York University will receive 100% tuition assistance. Although currently, numerous colleges are working to prevent students from acquiring a debt load, that idea, until recently, has yet to come to fruition for medical school. Moreover, there have been conversations concerning the value of the… Read More »